Taste Cannot Be Bought
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For Sale: HRE 505 16x9 et-10 3in Lip and 16x12 et-10 5in Lip. 5x120 with BMW center bore. Wheels are new old stock, and have only had tires mounted on them, have never been run on a car as far as I can tell. There is oxidation from age, but they are completely straight with zero curb rash or bends. Wasn’t planning on letting these go but had something else pop up I have to have. Could be rebuilt to 16x10 and 16x11 by swapping barrels. $2500 OBO

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True Life: My girlfriend takes better photos than I do #tbt #thestruggle #stanceworks #e38

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Daytona Le Mans Edition by Superformance LLC.

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1928 Ford Model A

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HOLLY SHIT I WAS JUST TALKING ABOUT THIS CAR TODAY WITH im-strange-i-swear ……are you kidding me…..

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